The onset of acne on the face is usually associated with puberty and fluctuating hormones. However, the truth is that anyone at any age can suffer from acne. In layman terms, acne is nothing but ruptures in your skin caused by clogged hair follicles and stuffed pores.

It may happen due to overaccumulation of dead skin cells over the surface or excess secretion of oils and sebum. These get accumulated in your pores leading to nasty pimples. Having said that, there are a number of ways and treatments you can use to address acne in the long run. Lets’ delve more into the details of what acne is and how it can be controlled.

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The appearance of acne can be mild or severe resulting in dark spots or patches in the long run. It can either subside in a day or two or can be a long-lasting condition needing proper attention and care. Both men and women can undergo this condition but it is predominantly seen in teenagers associated with puberty.

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not just limited to your face. It can spread to your back and neck too. Acne occurs in plenty of variations. They can result due to excess accumulation of blackheads and whiteheads in the pores of your face.

In addition to that, some acne also occurs due to inflammation and swelling under the skin while some come into being through clusters of small pimples on your face which develop into acne in due course of time.

The male sex hormone, androgen, is directly involved with sebum production. In other words, excess production of androgen may lead to excess oil production and accumulation in the skin and hair. This may lead to blockages and ruptures called acne.

Aspects like stress, weather, lifestyle, chemicals in commercial products, and diet play a huge role in influencing the production of androgen in every person’s body. Conditions like puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy usually cause a fluctuation in hormones which results in severe acne in most individuals.

One of the major mistakes people make is washing their acne-prone face too often assuming that acne happens due to the accumulation of dirt. Excessive washing can strip away natural oils causing your skin to produce more oil than usual leading to more acne.

Acne is largely influenced by the hormones in your body. In other words, there is no definite and permanent cure for acne in the long run. However, you can control the onset of breakouts on your face thereby reducing the intensity of your acne.

At Rx Meds, we recommend a number of options to get rid of acne. They are: - Using topical creams to regulate the secretion of oil and sebum - Oral pills and over-the-counter drugs - Contraceptive pills for women which regulate the production of the hormone androgen - Prescription medications

We highly suggest prescription medications to treat acne since it can be customized as per your need thereby suiting your skin better and more effectively. Having said that, one must always take care to not opt for very harsh and strong medications since they can strip away the essential oils too from your face resulting in unpleasant consequences.

The other measures to look after your skin include taking care of your health, exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet on a regular basis. Implementing these healthy lifestyle changes will also speak volumes in terms of a smooth, glowing skin devoid of acne.

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