Allergy, one of the most common is known as hay fever, is a common ailment. It affects nearly one in every five people in the United Kingdom. Mainly caused by pollens, allergies generally occur seasonally as per the pollen that affects your body.

People who have allergies notice a varying degree of severity when it comes to their symptoms. Some of the symptoms seen in allergies include sneezing, a blocked nose, itchy eyes, etc. These symptoms can be successfully treated with the help of the right medication.

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Allergies are medically known as seasonal allergic rhinitis. They are caused by an allergic reaction to pollens. An allergy is quite common and affects nearly 20% of people in the United Kingdom. Even though allergies take place in one’s childhood, they can occur at any age.

Some of the main symptoms of allergies include a runny or blocked nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, lips, throat, or ears, wheezing, fatigue, and coughing. These are the symptoms that can be seen in most of the allergies, such as allergies to animal fur, as the body produces histamine chemical. Histamine is produced when the sufferer comes in contact with pollens and their body releases antibodies that try to fight them off.

Allergies are not noticed throughout the year since they are caused by pollen and its density in the air. In winters, there is very little pollen in the air, which does not show the symptoms in allergy sufferers. However, in summers and springs when new grass, flowers, and plants grow, the pollen increases in the air and allergy sufferers notice their persistent symptoms that cause discomfort.

As mentioned above, allergies are caused by pollen in the air. A lot of people are not allergic to pollen but they are intolerant to some types, which can be easily identified. Nearly 90% of allergy sufferers in the United Kingdom are allergic to grass pollen, which is unavoidable, especially during summers. Some other pollens that people are allergic to include weed pollens from dock and nettles, tree pollens, etc. All of these are widespread in summer and spring seasons.

It is not yet clear why some people have allergies due to pollen and some don’t have it. However, there are some factors that encourage the reaction in the immune system of certain people. These factors include allergies in the family line, tobacco exposure during childhood, conditions like Asthma, etc..

One of the best ways to treat allergies is to avoid the allergens, which are mostly pollens that cause your specific allergy. However, this is generally not possible and practical. This is why you must take proper medication for reducing your allergy symptoms.

RxMeds offers a wide range of medicines and tablets to allergy sufferers to relieve their allergy symptoms and help them lead a normal life. Amongst these, some medicines directly target the affected part and some others first prevent the allergic reaction. These are known as antihistamines since they hinder the functioning of histamine chemical that causes allergy symptoms.

Apart from taking medication for treating your allergies, you can try some other ways in order to diminish your exposure to pollens since you cannot avoid them entirely. You can shut down your doors and windows, avoid very grassy areas, vacuum your home frequently, etc..

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