Social Anxiety

In different aspects of life, a person feels undefined anxiety, which is created due to the fear of any upcoming event, a new situation, or might be due to a changing environment. This type of anxiety is called situational anxiety and it is defined as the feeling of stress, panic, and worry. There are many reasons for anxiety, like different matters occurring in life leads to anxiety. A variety of medications are available, which provide relaxation and help to get rid of tension.

A variety of changing factors can contribute to situational anxiety, which is the most common form of anxiety. The changing factors often lead to stress, worry, nervousness, and panic that can ultimately cause irritability, tension headaches, trouble sleeping, and muscle tension.

We heard anxiety words very often, and according to many people, it describes the number of medical illnesses. The medical diagnosis of anxiety often describes an anxiety disorder. There is a significant difference between situational anxiety and other forms of anxiety because situational anxiety usually affects people for a short period rather than all the time.

There is a number of things which can cause an individual to suffer from situational anxiety, which is generally related to something changing, upcoming, or something new. Commonly new things which cause situational anxiety include experiencing money problems, medical appointments, job interviews, new jobs, or a new relationship. Less rational things, which generally involve a certain quantity of stress; driving in traffic or riding in a busy lift, can also cause situational anxiety.

At some part of life, almost every individual suffer or experience triggers which cause situational anxiety. This happens due to specific causes of situational anxiety such as genetics and some other medical conditions. Nowadays, due to the lack of human interaction and connection, the chances of occurrence of situational anxiety are higher. Situational anxiety could be a problem for you if you have previously abused drugs or have taken a high amount of caffeine or alcohol.

A variety of treatments or management plans are available to minimize the physical side effects of situational anxiety. Propranolol, a drug belongs to the class beta-blocker, that inhibit the effects of adrenaline and decreases the rate of heartbeat. Due to which symptoms like trembling, shortness of breath and sweating can be reduced, and that makes you calm down.

Treatment with medicines only reduces symptoms and has no concern with the root cause, which is causing a problem, combining related factors, and medical treatment would be more beneficial for the patient. Undergoing therapy can help you to recognize any post-traumas or childhood issues that could be the contributing factors of anxiety and providing you the chance to talk about matters that are worrying you.

One of the best thing to keep yourself calm and avoid panic state is to change your lifestyle. Best possible results can be seen by giving up smoking, improving sleeping patterns, regular exercise, or by reducing caffeine intake.

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