Using Propanol To Work Against Anxiety

June 25, 2019


Mental health is one of the most discussed topics these days and people are becoming more aware of it with more individuals coming out about their mental health. Speaking of mental health, most of us face situational anxiety attacks on a regular basis.

These do not necessarily need long-term medical treatment but can be curbed using therapeutic treatment and medications for instant gratification from its symptoms.

One of such popular medications is propranolol.

Let’s delve more into the details of what anxiety is and how propranolol helps address it effectively.

Understanding anxiety:

Anxiety occurs due to a variety of reasons and can have varied effects on different individuals. In fact, there are multiple kinds of anxiety disorders that have varied consequences depending on what triggers them. Some of them are as mentioned below:
Generalized Anxiety disorder:
This phenomenon occurs due to worrying about mundane stuff in life leading to panicking for the pettiest of reasons. It makes you feel out-of-control and unnecessarily edgy in the long run. Many times, generalized anxiety disorder is also coupled with another mental illness, like depression or OCD, alongside it.

 Effective treatment against anxiety using propanol

Social anxiety:

The anxiety that arises due to being put in social situations is more real and severe than it seems. This occurs in cases like public speaking, addressing a group, making new friends, or meeting new people.

Situational anxiety:

As the name suggests, this type of anxiety is only limited to certain uncomfortable situations like taking an exam, shifting base to a new area, starting a new phase of life, financial crunches, or doing anything else that scares you.
How does propranolol work against anxiety?
The most common occurrence during anxiety is the adrenaline rush that you feel that sets your body in the fight-or-flight mode. In fact, this is the same neurotransmitter that increases your heart rate, dilates your pupils, induces sweating and all other symptoms of anxiety that you might feel in situations like these.


 How does propranolol work against anxiety?


propranolol belongs to a popular and effective group of medications called the beta-blockers. The primary function of beta-blockers is to prevent the effects of adrenaline from taking over your entire system. It cannot reduce the secretion of adrenaline but will definitely block its functions thereby suppressing the effects it has on your mind and body.
This, in turn, causes you to feel calmer and more relaxed. It gives you better control over your senses coupled with a sane mind. This way, you can deal with such situations effectively instead of panicking and stressing over it.

What are the limitations of propranolol?

propranolol has multiple benefits and is quite effective when it comes to addressing anxiety. However, it only works best in the short-term.

You can pop a pill of propranolol for immediate relief from your anxiety attacks so that the effects of it don’t interfere in the smooth functioning of your daily activities.

But, if you’re suffering from long-term symptoms of anxiety that doesn’t go away permanently, you might need medical help. Maybe then it is time to use the appropriate medical treatment to address this issue instead of relying upon propranolol in the long run.

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