What is Testosterone Gel and What Does It Do?

October 23, 2019

Testosterone gel is used by men all over the world. They believe that smearing this gel on the body is a great way to energize, rejuvenate, and increase the sex drive. But does it really work?

Effective treatment for erectile function with Testosterone


In an experiment conducted a few years ago, half of the male subjects used testosterone gel for one year, whereas the other half was given a placebo. The subjects, ages 19 to 40, who used testosterone treatment had increased testosterone levels.

Conclusions from the study:

Increased testosterone levels are linked to increased erectile function, sexual drive, and sexual activity.

However, there was no notable benefit regarding vitality. On the other hand, the subjects who used testosterone gel reported improved mood and decrease of depression symptoms.

Even though the study didn’t make comments on hair growth, testosterone gel is said to boost hair growth in certain areas (like the beard), so it might help men who’re losing their hair. For men who’re experiencing hair loss, there are two approved drugs: Propecia and Finasteride.

What is Testosterone Gel?

Testogel is used to help with lowered levels of testosterone in men, a condition known as hypogonadism. It contains testosterone, a hormone that is in charge of the development of male features like deep voice and body hair. Testogel is used when the body doesn't produce enough testosterone.

How Is Testogel Used?

  • Apply the gel on healthy, dry, and clean skin over the stomach, shoulders, and upper arms.
  • Leave the gel for about 3 to 5 minutes to dry.
  • Use water and soap to wash your hands.
  • Wait for the gel to dry completely, then put on your clothes.
  • Don’t shower for at least 6 (six) hours after applying the gel.

What is the Recommended Dose of Testogel?

Make sure to consult a healthcare professional or a pharmacist about the amount of Testogel you should use. The recommended initial dose is a single sachet of 5g. Don’t use more than two sachets of testosterone gel a day.

How Long Should You Use the Gel?

Testogel will ease the symptoms caused by lowered testosterone levels but it won’t eliminate the problem itself. For that reason, you need to use the gel on a daily basis. For best results, it’s best to apply it in the morning. In case you missed a dose, apply the gel whenever you remember but don’t double the dose.

What is the Difference Between Injections and Testogel?

In general, testosterone gel is considered to be safer than injections, as it has fewer side effects. According to one study, men who used testosterone injections had an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, or even death.

Increased Testosterone – Health Benefits

Testosterone is important for the following:

Testosterone is very important for strong bones. As men age and their testosterone levels decrease, bone density decreases as well. As a result, they are at a higher risk of developing weak bones and osteoporosis. Proper testosterone therapy can help increase bone density.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) often results from certain medications or medical conditions rather than from lowered testosterone levels. If you’re experiencing ED, consult your doctor about the possibility of using Cialis or Viagra.

cure Erectile dysfunction with Testosterone Gel

Does Testosterone Gel Work in Women?

Women shouldn’t use Testogel as it can result in the development of a deeper voice or body hair. However, some doctors prescribe Testogel to menopausal women who have lost their sex drive.

Even though the popular belief is that testosterone is an exclusively male hormone, women also produce it. When testosterone levels drop, women can experience decreased sex drive and may find sex less enjoyable than before. Lowered testosterone levels in women can also cause chronic fatigue, headaches, difficulties concentrating, and lowered energy levels. Testosterone gel may be helpful in these cases.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, make sure to consult with a healthcare professional about the possibility of using Testogel. However, bear in mind that the use of Testogel for treating lowered sex desire is not licensed.

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