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  • Increases testosterone levels
    in the body
  • Convenient to use gel form
  • Great for the maintenance
    of secondary sex characteristics
  • Genuine medication
  • Reputable brand

Cernos Gel

Cernos Gel

Testosterone is a male hormone that is present in a medicine known as CernosGel. It works by replenishing the testosterone levels for adult men who are unable to produce sufficient levels of testosterone.

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Cernos Gel

Men who are unable to produce natural testosterone, use CernosGel, which contains testosterone that replenishes the levels of the male hormone. It is also known as “Testosterone gel” and Testo Gel.

The absorbs via the skin and boosts the testosterone levels in men.

Low sex drive, depression, infertility, impotence, regression of masculine characteristics, bone loss, reduced body mass and inability to achieve an erection are common problems that occur due to low levels of testosterone in adult men.

All these issues can lead to bad fitness and a negative state of mental health, a variety of problems in a sexual and romantic relationship. CernosGel enhances the masculine characteristics and improves sexual activities by helping with ED and low sex drive.

To get a prescription for CernosGel, two separate blood testosterone measurements are needed (plus complains of symptoms). So, it is prescription-only medicine. You must read the patient information leaflet provided in the medication packet and always follow the advice of your doctor.

Ideally, apply this gel in the morning or the same time every day. The gel should be gently spread onto clean, dry skin on the arms, stomach, or shoulders. Due to high alcohol levels in the CernosGel, it may cause irritation if you apply to the genital areas.

After applying the gel, allow it to dry for 3-5 minutes and then cover with clothes and then wash hands thoroughly afterward.

Do not use CernosGel

  • If you have breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • If you are suffering from migraine and epilepsy.
  • If you are suffering from kidney disease, liver disease, or severe heart disease.
  • If you are allergic to testosterone or any other ingredient of the medicine.

CernosGel dosage

The dose is usually adjusted by the doctor. The recommended dose of CernosGel is 5g (equivalent to 50mg of testosterone), or up to a daily dose of a maximum of 10g of gel (100mg of testosterone).

Do not double up if you forget to use it one day. In case of using more CernosGel, you should consult your doctor and be sure not to stop therapy with CernosGel unless told to do so by your doctor.

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