Diabetes is a disease that causes high blood sugar levels. It affects a large part of the population today. Since obesity is a prime reason for acquiring diabetes in many adults, it is important to make lifestyle changes to prevent obesity and diabetes.

It may also occur during pregnancy as the body needs to produce twice as much insulin as normal. If this does not happen, symptoms of diabetes may be seen.


Glucose from our food is pushed into the blood for our cells. The blood transports this sugar to the cells where a chemical known as insulin helps it to be absorbed into the cells. This chemical is produced by the body but when the production falls short, sugar is not absorbed into the cells.

This increased sugar content of blood is dangerous and is reduced by administering insulin externally. Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, urinating frequently, exhaustion, blurred vision, and longer time needed for healing of wounds.

Diabetes is of two types, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It is passed genetically and is characterized by the body producing little or no insulin at all. The symptoms in type 1 are severe and hence, it is diagnosed sooner than type 2 diabetes. It is usually diagnosed in children, teens but it may develop at any age.

Type 2 diabetes is more common than type 1 and is usually caused by obesity. The symptoms start slow as the body starts to develop a resistance to insulin. The person may have type 2 diabetes for a long time before diagnosis.

Type 1 diabetes is usually passed on from parents to children and may start to affect them at a young age. It is a lifelong disease but can be managed well today due to advances in medical science. The exact cause is unknown. Theories suggest that the immune system mistakenly targets the beta cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin.

Type 2 diabetes can be caused by a variety of reasons. Obesity is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes. Excess weight, especially around the middle, builds insulin resistance of the body.

The insulin produced by the body is not used as well as it could. Other reasons include genes, excess glucose produced by the liver, miscommunication between cells, damaged beta cells in the pancreas, and so on.

Diabetes can be treated and kept under control. It is mandatory to do so to avoid the serious health issues caused by not managing it effectively. Untreated diabetes can cause

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