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If you want to grow thick eyelashes, bimatoprost is the drug you should take. It thickens and grows lashes as well as treats glaucoma. Bimatoprost is also sold under many brands such as Latisse. You can find bimatoprost products on RxMeds.

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Bimatoprost acts as an eyelash serum that helps to grow thicker, fuller, and longer lashes. Research shows that bimatoprost contains active ingredients that help to grow lashes longer and quicker in a natural way.

In one study, it was seen that people who used bimatoprost serum saw 106 percent thicker, 25 percent longer, and 18 percent darker eyelashes after four months as compared to people who did not use this serum. Furthermore, bimatoprost also helps grow fuller eyebrows since it can prolong hair growth..

Benefits of using Bimatoprost There are many uses of bimatoprost. These include:

  • Clinical research indicates that when you consistently use bimatoprost, you can grow darker, fuller, and longer lashes.
  • People who used bimatoprost started growing longer lashes within a month and saw the maximum lash growth within four months.
  • You can easily purchase bimatoprost on online shops such as RxMeds with a prescription. Moreover, you can use it easily on your own.

There are many generic versions of this medicine from various brands, such as Latisse, that are available in the right concentration and approved by the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Yes, bimatoprost is completely safe since it’s approved by the U.S. FDA. The medicine got approved by the FDA in 2008. This medicine is similar to hormone compounds that help the body to heal. Moreover, bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions and drugs are safe for treating eye pressure as well as glaucoma and have been used in the U.S. since 1996.

Bimatoprost became popular when people who used it to treat glaucoma found out that their eyelashes were growing as a side effect. Due to this, a lot of companies started using bimatoprost in their hair-growth serums.

However, you must consult a doctor first to get this medicine prescribed so that you can know how to use it properly. Moreover, you should not use bimatoprost medicine if you have an infection, stye, macular edema, eye degeneration, artificial lens, or swelling in your eyes. And, if you are allergic to prostaglandin, then also you should not use bimatoprost medication.

Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should steer clear of bimatoprost as per the FDA that gave it a ‘category C’ rating. This means the medicine showed bad effects on animals but it has not been tested on human beings as of now.

Make sure you throw away bimatoprost when it’s expired even if you have not opened or used it. This is because expired serums for eyes are not safe to use. The chemicals in medicines degrade with time, lose their power, and turn into other chemical forms that can cause unfavorable effects. And, if you see any itchiness, swelling, vision loss, or redness in your eyes, then you should immediately get in touch with your eye doctor or dermatologist..

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